I have a startup (sigh)

Where am I ???

Oh… in my blog… It has been so long since I’ve been here I dont even recognise the place anymore! And did anyone paint my blog walls while I was away or where they always like this???


I haven’t been blogging for like a year now and I’ve really missed my blogger friends, the challenges and awards I hated so much, I ‘ve even missed wordpress! But I have a very good explanation for all this absence:

I have a startup

Yes, I am one of those people… a dear friend actually “dragged” me into this, and we both set off last October to accomplish this challenge, to give life to this idea we came up with. With my colleague John we might have a startup, but what’s more important is that it’s based on a value.

vound logoI have Vound

Vound is my baby (ok, ok, John’s too), an iPhone application that’s gonna be launched on December 1st. Because we are basically only two people, we always get buried under all this management and administrative procedures. Since we launched the site last week and Vound’s Facebook and Twitter page, we got to talking again about the value behind it, reminded me why I started this whole journey in the first place… You see it’s not about the product, there are million of applications out there.

– It’s about the feeling –

Everytime someone asks me “what is Vound” I usually start by telling them that it’s a cool tool/social network. That is the least of what Vound is. We created Vound cause we believe in unique people, in being ourselves just as we were raised, with our parents advice and life experiences. Vound believes in being brave enough to stand out, not because it’s cool and fashionable to do so, but because it’s you.

What we say online is that Vound will allow you to create and share content that has never been shared before on Facebook, twitter and whatsapp. But still, it’s not just that! Vound for me is like a vault, where you find, save or create content that you can’t find, save or create anywhere else. Oh, we also got a teaser video!

I wish I could reveal more, but you see since Vound is based on a profoundly new idea we decided to keep it a surprise for everyone -at least for a while.

Give Vound a spin here https://vound.co/ and let me know what you think, feedback is most welcome!

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, see you there!

wish me luck!


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