What you wouldn’t expect from a company

moo logo

A few days back I got this crazy idea to order business cards
(you know, cause I am a business woman -don’t laugh!)

But of course, exactly because I am no ordinary business woman (really? Laughing again?) I wanted something special, something out of the ordinary, something to fit me.

So I visited moo.com

Do you know moo? They are a printing company in the UK, very active online with a pretty friendly and colorful voice on social media. Plus they are called “moo” and you know how I love cows, so that was a good enough reason for me to choose them. Their business card design options made me even happier and proceeded to check out. 

A few days later my cards arrived. You understand I was super excited, the package was awesome, I loved the colors, opened the box and….ooooops! Where is the design I chose???? There where a lot of different card designs in there and my prefered one was only in a couple of cards (out of 100 that I ordered).

I got furious.
And called them.
What happened next was unexpected…

So I was pretty ready to tell them how they messed up my order, I explained how I didn’t get what I wanted and expected a huge apology. And then it happened, the customer service representative checked my order history and found out that I made a mistake while ordering and didn’t specify which exact design I wanted for my cards (oh come oooon, it was my fault????) and he continued…

“…but it’s ok we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our service so I am going to reprint and send your cards for free”

Next comes my delirium:

“But wait, the mess-up was my fault… Are you really reprinting? Now I am feeling bad, please don’t reprint the whole package, half the quantity would do… How about the shipping costs? Really, you are paying for them too? Please let me at least pay for the shipping costs…”

Let me tell you, the guy on the phone was seriously laughing…


Do you get the feeling? That is why I am writing for moo. They say they love to print and you know what, I know they do. And I know they love and care for their customers, even a first time customer like me. It is personal.

That is why I am writing for moo.

Because it is far more than just great products, it’s a  friendly (and reliable) company, and that is something you don’t get to see everyday. So if you don’t know moo, let me introduce you to my friend…

the moo site

the moo.com site


I am not going to go on and on about their products, but you should know there are lots of them and all awesome! Especially if you are a paper person, love stickers and cards, this is the place to be! You will be amazed from all the colors and freshness moo has to offer.

I would looooooooooove to visit them sometime, all this ink and paper gathered in one place! It feels like moo is putting a strong fight to remind people how emotional a simple postcard can be in a fully digitalized era. (I am with you moo!)

True inspiration!

my moo.com business card design

Check the moo site moo.com, like them on Facebook www.facebook.com/moo and follow them on twitter  twitter.com/overheardatmoo,
they are fun to hang around with!



13 thoughts on “What you wouldn’t expect from a company

  1. Awesome! Love stories of great customer service, they seem so rare nowadays. And I too love paper products such as business cards. Hmm, think I will be checking out MOO! And seriously, great name too! 🙂

  2. I work in the industry as a graphic designer and its a tough bracket. So good to see a company that knows how to take care of business. Hell, if I were in UK, I would use Moo too!

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