Meet Reload Greece

It starts with an email from my online friend, Elli Stamouli. It looks like a typical hello message + join our conference, but it turns out, it’s so much more.

I live and work in Greece and I experience the financial crisis everyday. I won’t start complaining about long hours and small wages (really, I won’t) but I’ll talk to you about ambition, dreams and eagerness to create. There is a common notion that, in order to achieve all that you need to leave Greece, because “Greece eats her children”. Turns out, there is a group of people in London who try hard to change that.

Meet Reload Greece.

reload Greece


What is Reload Greece?

Reload Greece is the Hub of Greek Entrepreneurship in London that educates and supports entrepreneurial efforts that have a significant impact in Greece. This is how they introduce themselves:

We strongly believe these activities will contribute to a “Reloaded” Greece, a country where young people have big ambitions, engage in innovative entrepreneurial ideas and believe that, even as an individual, one can bring change.

What they do is educate young people around the entrepreneurial mindset and guide them into developing and executing their ideas. Through this journey they create awareness about how entrepreneurship can have a significant positive impact in Greece and provide mentorship to help them develop their business plan. It is a community where people with the same mindset share their entrepreneurial ideas, get inspired and work together towards Reloading Greece.

This whole endeavour comes down to you (and me)

Why they need you

Help Reload Greece help ambitious entrepreneurs for a higher cause. Only with your contribution the team will be able to mobilise young people into action and promote innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to the new generation of Greeks and Philhellenes who live abroad.


People dedicated to the Reload cause are the ones making this mission reality. If you are passionate, enthusiastic and really want to be part of the gears moving Reload Greece forward, then check out  how you can help here.


Every single pound will make a difference towards achieving the long-term objective, “Reloading Greece”. Your support and contribution will help not only expand Reload Greece’s actions but at the same time prove to young Greek entrepreneurs that there are people out there who share their ambition to have an impact on Greece. Take a look at their crowdfunding campaign.

Spread the word

Blog about it, tweet or share it. Help spread the word, you may make someone’s day by introducing them to Reload Greece! Follow the team on twitter @ReloadGreece or like them on Facebook

yes you can

At the bottom line, Greek or not, this group of young people try to make a statement
that even one person can make an impact and change how things are,
as long as he/she dreams big.

That’s good enough for me.



4 thoughts on “Meet Reload Greece

  1. Kudos to Reload Greece for strategizing change instead of complaining.

    People are too caught up in negativity, bemoaning the loss of manufacturing jobs and the “old ways” of making a living when their energies (and finances) would be better served by asking “How can I take advantage of the new economy?” This is where the entreprenaurial spirit can flourish and I really applaud Reload Greece for encouraging it!
    Great post!

    • Great point, we need to focus on being positive, rather than complaining, join forces and make a change. Reload Greece is indeed doing a great job encouraging young entrepreneurs and at the same time helping Greece evolve.

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