How To Be A Good Greek Cook

♠ Do you love cooking? ♠

The Greek Cooking Challenge is for you!
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I know I will! 😉

Greek Weddings & Traditions

Let me start off with an obvious confession… I am not a good cook.

I am really not that creative in the kitchen and I don’t know how to cook Greek food. I guess it is because I was spoilt as a child. I grew up with amazing home cooked Greek food all around me. Visits to Yiayia’s house made us fat little children and there was always plenty of left overs to take home for the rest of the week/month. My mum and my aunties are all amazing cooks and I spent most of my childhood days sitting at the table eating rather than standing in the kitchen cooking.

But now, I’m married. I have a husband to feed and (hopefully soon) I will have children of my own to cook for. The problem is, that I really don’t know how to cook!

I think that…

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