Paperman ~ A lovely Disney animated short film


Paperman ~ Disney’s Animated Short Film you gotta love!
(I know i do!)

A young accountant named George is standing on an elevated train platform in 1940s New York City, holding a folder, when he is hit by a flying piece of paper. The paper is chased by a young woman named Meg who lost it to a gust of wind from a passing train. The same thing happens to George when another gust of wind, from another incoming train, dislodges one of the papers from his folder and blows it onto Meg’s face, leaving a red lipstick mark on the paper…

Watch George’s journey to find love and find out why he is called the paperman…

Click to watch paperman

* Click to watch the full film *

Ok, i am not the romantic type, but this is a looooooooovely little film, with the cutest little story, it will literally blow you away! * Click * Click * Click * you gotta watch it!



18 thoughts on “Paperman ~ A lovely Disney animated short film

  1. I remember watching this short film when it was released with the movie Wreck it Raphl (a great watch too)…had loved it that instance!! What makes it even more special is that the movie is made of hand done drawings!!

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