Bad temper anyone?


Today i visited the local IRS. No, i didn’t give my self in, they will never catch me! Now, i don’t know how public services are where you live, but here it’s madness!

Then i came home to find out that wordpress changed my dashboard theme. What’s up with all that black? Do i have to get depressed in order to write a blog post?

And on top of that i got an award. (Oh God why me???) I decided i would have no award posts, i explained it to the person that nominated me and the answer was “okay just don’t write anything about it, just post it”.


Wait a minute, why all this bad temper?

Then i remembered how i begun my day…


♠ Want to join me? ♠


31 thoughts on “Bad temper anyone?

  1. Yeah! What’s up with changing things?!?! I noticed that and the notifications don’t work the same anymore either. I see replies to my comments, but don’t see the comment I wrote, like I use to. Now I have to search blogs to see what I said! These changes, (and getting old and forgetful) sink!
    But you’re still funny as ever, meds or not! 😉

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