Wait wait! I ‘m back!

Where is everybody???
How long have i been sleeping???
D@mn this blog is a pretty lonely place...

I know, i know, it’s my fault i was gone for too long… Today i am starting new! Major changes have been going on in my life and i needed some time to come to. You see… I moved! Yes, houses and yes, places!
The last 2 months was like a huge jet-lag. Felt like i fell asleep in Crete

map - Crete

…and woke up in Rhodes.

map - Rhodes

Now don’t laugh! For a person who HATES moving that is a pretty BIG change!

I had to adapt to the new environment, find a house (done), make it my own (i am working on it), find a job (still trying). At least i have my boyfriend, who is responsible for messing up my life like that! (just kidding baby!)

And since i am talking about my new house, here are some VERY interesting stuff about it:

I have two fridges. One old and almost dead and one younger, shinier, and better! ( I am getting rid of the old one tomorrow, shhhh!)

new and old fridge

I have a pretty weird view from my kitchen window:

It’s a snowman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So welcome all to my new house! Want some coffee and a cookie?

coffee and cookies


The bottom line is, I am coming home! To my blog-home i mean! Maybe i will have to remodel it a bit, new curtains, new carpets, something new!

Glad to be back! 🙂 


81 thoughts on “Wait wait! I ‘m back!

  1. I have not been here in so long either and when I was here, I so enjoyed reading your posts. I’m glad you’ve returned for that has inspired me to return as well 🙂

  2. Ioanna!!
    Your house seems lovely! It’s so weird to have two fringes in a row!!! The view is relaxing! i m looking forward to visit ! But most of all…i miss a cold coffee with my Tzovanna!!! and a scoup of homemade ice-cream !!!! by the χεράκια μου!

  3. Wondered what on earth happened to you
    Nice to see you and yes a lot of bloggers just DISAPPEARED!
    PS can I have some local wine too?
    And when you come this side ( I Invite you) you can have some of ours!

  4. So glad to see you back, Ioanna! Sounds like you’ve had a lot of excitement going on. Ok, tell us the story about the boyfriend…. Is that why you moved?? I always love a romantic story. And believe me, I need to have some romance in my life right now! Also, do you know what you will be doing in Rhodes? That iced coffee and a cookie sound very good, thank you very much. I’ll be right over! 🙂

    • So happy to see you my old friends! 😀 Yeap, he is the reason i am here! We moved because he found a job in Rhodes and jobs are hard to come by these days in Greece so i followed him. I hope i will get a job soon too here, i am certainly looking… One iced coffee coming up!!!!!!! I am waiting for you! 😉

      • How exciting for you, Ioanna! I’m thirsting after that iced coffee here in sweltering 42 degree Oman right now! What kind of job are you looking for? Are we going to hear about the romance??? I need a romantic story right now. 🙂

        • Oh well, i am production and management graduate but i am open to all kinds of relative job openings… We will see. I wouldn’t say i am the romantic type, i just followed my boyfriend here, my job contract in Crete was done, i needed a change and here i am! Not THAT romantic i guess…! 😛

  5. hey ioanna, I was wondering where you’d gone to… Rhodes aaaahaha that explains it!! thanks for the coffee invite, I will have a cappuccino please, while you tell us all the story of this move. Good luck with job hunting, at least you can speak the language!… 🙂

  6. I hope that you are enjoying your new home in Rhodes One day I will visit you and we can share a frappe and biscuits!!

    (from sia)

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