It’s PigTime! Vote for me maybe?

Gagan – Gagan

* invisible intro music *

Ladies and gentlemen of the blog, I am proud to introduce to you….. MY PIG!!!
No, no wait, it’s not just any pig, it’s a singing pig! 

It's PigTime!

What you see is a complete stereo hi-fi music component plus charger for your iPhone/iPod, and i designed it all by myself! 🙂

The pig was the subject of my master thesis a few years ago (2008 to be precise) packed with the idea of it playing the role of the mobile woofer. Mobile phones 5 years ago looked something like this…

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Of course now everything works remotely, no one needs wires!

Now my pig gets to see the world as promises to make invention accessible!

All my pig needs is your vote of confidence!

So if you like the idea of my pig playing your favorite playlists straight from your mobile phone, visit this page and cast your vote! Don’t just see it like that, the pig has potentials! We are talking about  high quality music performance and remote connection to your device! This pig can sing!
Plus it’s cute! 🙂

Big cyber hug!
Oh, and another thing, don’t throw away your ideas, maybe you got the next best thing!


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