Google+ drama

This week i had to find out, the tough way, that google plus doesn’t accept auto posting (in its user profiles at least). I swear, i knocked my self out googling during the weekend and nothing…

  • I tried the IFTTT service => “Put the internet to work for you”. unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Or to be more precise, i didn’t seem to be able to make it work for me. Still i have to say that IFTTT is a great service! I always wished google could help me find my phone every time i misplaced it. IFTTT turned this wish into reality!
  • I also tried installing the Google+Tweet app. The installation itself went well, but google plus didn’t seem to want to redirect to my twitter account under no circumstances. So i just quit trying.
  • Then i bumped into aHow to auto post to google plus from WordPress blogpost, but it was too good to be true (for my case at least). Yes, there is a way to auto post your wordpress posts to google plus. You just need to use a plugin, hence you need to be on wordpress.ORG. Not my case.

At the end, and after i had read a bunch of posts about google plus NOT accepting auto posting… I gave up. The head banging on the wall came afterwards…

♠ No further comments your honor ♠

What is all that fuss about google+ anyway?
Are you on it?


note: How to embed a tweet to a wordpress post


38 thoughts on “Google+ drama

  1. Google+’s name should be “Google——————-“.

    It’s horrible… i made and account and i used for 2 times? I don’t even know. lol… Shame that we can’t delete the account without deleting the Gmail account too… but it doesn’t make any different. Google+ it’s a pseudo-social-network.

  2. Hi dear, I think I am able to share all WordPress post on Google+, that’s what you do mean or something else. As a computer expert please solve my one problem. Which ever site I go there is a cookie asking for permission. I don’t know which one to accept and which one to ignore.Can you help me.

    • Hi indira! Sure you can publish your posts in google+ but there is no direct connection yet in order for them to be automatically posted the moment they are published… Unless you know something else and you are hiding it from me! 😛

      About the cookies, asking for permission is a good thing, instead of just taking it on its own. You see cookies are used for login, remembering preferences, tracking visitors etc. So agreeing or not depends on your trust on the website.
      I think it also depends on the browser, explorer always asks me, but chrome seems to decide for me…. So i never actually have such a problem…. :-/

  3. We were some of the chosen few to get Google+ when it was first being tested and I never use it…. not being a fan of facebook, social networking and letting everyone know where I am and who’s with me it just doesn’t fit into the few hours I have left in the day…. you can auto-post on WP….

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