The Most Advanced Social Network

~ A memo for the Social Media addict next door ~

Nope, i am certainly not talking about my self here…

the most advanced social network

♠  Get out of that computer!!!  ♠


23 thoughts on “The Most Advanced Social Network

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  2. For a moment I thought that was a conference table, which made me scream, “Nooooo!”

    Then I realized the picture is showing either a table at a bar, a restaurant with a liquor license, or the best conference room in the world. So I approve.

  3. recently i was out with a friend having lunch at the most wonderful cafe in the country…the atmosphere was great, the food sensational, it was a beautiful sunny day and outside on a table sat two women [mother and daughter I think], on their phones txting…it broke my heart

    • I know, i know…. I see that all the time! It really is disappointing…. It’s like we don’t know how to talk to each other any more…
      P.S. Happy to see you! I have totally lost touch with my blog friends and every time i see a familiar face i want a cyber hug!

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