Late night bathroom drama

*Experience Sharing Time*

Yesterday was my name day. And what do people do on their name day???????


Yeah right….

Long story short, i had a loooooooooong, tiring day, with minimum food and lots of cigarettes (i am an excellent passive smoker). Returning home, at 23:00 o o’clock in the night, i decided to take a warm bath. To relax.

Not a good idea.

Obviously there seemed to be a problem with my bath drains, because the moment i stepped out of the shower i realized that my whole bathroom had turned into a pool.

In other circumstances that could have been a great thing. But in the middle of the winter that is SO NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!

♣ Yes, i freaked out. A bit. ♣

This video is dedicated to my STUPID bathroom drains.

You are SO NOT gonna ruin my week!!!!!!

P.S. You gotta love a good breakdown. I feel better already!


75 thoughts on “Late night bathroom drama

  1. I bet if I tell you: γούρι – γούρι, you’ll laugh!!!!
    That’s what I tell myself in situations like that and then laugh my head off!
    You better teach those drains a lesson!
    And because it’s easy for anyone to say things [not being in your shoes] …I am hoping you’ve recovered by now!

  2. I’ll take a bathroom breakdown over my day yesterday. I get an emergency call from my apartment manager asking if I’d drive an acquaintance of mine, And, to the emergency room. Turns out he just had a stroke and headed for the management office instead of calling an ambulance. I drove Andy to the VA Clinic and they rushed him to Portland VA Hospital for treatment. He’s ok although he had a minor stoke that took away the use of his right arm and half his speech. Now it’s blood thinners and therapy for Andy. Maybe now he’ll give up the cigarettes. It took congestive heart failure to get me to stop. 🙂

      • The doctors thanked me, as did Andy, for getting him there quickly. That first hour or two is critical. I’ll have to stick close to Andy for a while as he can’t walk much, has only a broken down truck and lives alone downstairs from me. Hi doggie, Wiley Coyote II needs walking and loving. – Bob

        • A good news follow-up. Andy was tested, treated & released from Veterans Hospital yesterday afternoon. I picked him up as he has no vehicle and still has little use of his right arm. His speech remains slurred. He was given blood thinners and had two Catscans & an ultrasound. He’s scheduled for further treatment including physical and speech therapies. He’s home in his apartment downstairs from me. – Bob

  3. So sorry about your drain. But I am delighted the event led you to post “Dumb Ways to Die,” a video my son and I have been sining with glee for weeks.

    Why aren’t American Public Service Announcements this fun?

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