Google Trick-or-Treats

→ First of all, i ‘d like to say i know Halloween is over. ←

And secondly, i just have to admit… it’s an obsession, i am officially addicted to google. After this post i promise i ‘ll seek therapy… Plus i promise i am not going to google-post you again for a while, just to let you detox.


Google Treats

sites and programs i am thankful for


Google Translate – For all the help it offers me every time my inner voice is stuck in Greek… Ευχαριστώ!

Google Shortener – For cutting the tail off my loooooong links and making them small and cute!

Google Reader – For my RSS feed. All the updates of the pages i want to keep up with, in a single place! I love you RSS! ❤

Google Maps – For the street view. Now i get to brag about walking the streets of Paris, even if i have never actually been to France. See that little yellow guy over the zoom button? Drag him into the map and he ‘ll walk the streets for you! And another thing i am recently thankful is the ocean view. I always wanted to go scuba diving!

Google Earth – The whole world on your desktop! FYI i have been to Mars long before Curiosity! Apart from all my space walks, i also get to walk in the bottom of the sea! Zac Iv Cousteu would love this feature!

Google Chrome – Wouldn’t change it for the world. Check its life story here.

Google Tips & Tricks – Know all google’s helpful features here. Check flight times, the weather, sport scores, get world news, calculate and make conversions, and much more!

Google Drive – Upload, create and share documents. I love this cause i can work on a spreadsheet along with a friend in the next room!

You may expect me to add google+, but i am not an active user yet…. i know, i should be ashamed of myself… Plus there are so many other google treats! I couldn’t include all of them….!

Google Tricks

silly stuff i am thankful for

Odysseas Elytis 2012 - google

Google Doodles – Love them because they make my home page special and even more because i get emotional everytime google remembers Greece and its people… Like it did with Odysseas Elitis’ 101st Birthday on the 2nd of November… thank you Google!

Google Easter Eggs – See google doing its own thing! Try getting your google home page to “do a barrel roll”! Just type it in the query box and press enter. Dizzy!

Search Stories Video Creator – Create little video stories based on search results! Cute!

Search Globe – An open platform for geographic data visualization. Check the different kinds of globes, or if you are up for it, create your own!

What do you love? – It could be anything! Google is gonna tell all it knows about that… everything! From scouring the earth about your query to searching blogs and watching videos.

Let me google that for you – hihihihi, funny! Type a query in the and then copy and paste the link provided for that query. Let someone google it for you for Christ’s sake!

Google handwrite – hand search google from your iphone!


you gotta love google

And guess what,
there are more people out there who are crazy in love with google!
One even sent a love letter! 😀


53 thoughts on “Google Trick-or-Treats

  1. Google will take over the world one day but I guess that is better than Microsoft… Love the google doodles but have still not figured out what to do with google +…

  2. gosh that sounds like an obsession….. and then some more!!! never knew some of those google thing existed in the first place… have you got a lot of time on your hands Greek Cow?…. therapy, therapy…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. LOL i got a real chuckle over this post. I’m famous for telling everyone that even half wonders aloud about something, “type that question into google, don’t waste time wondering…find out!”
    Actually, I’ve grown somewhat impatient with some real life friends’ and family members’ reluctance to “take it to google.” I think there’s NO reason to be dumb anymore! Google has EVERY possible fact on every topic! anyone can teach themselves ANY subject–from foreign languages to physics–by approaching the topic systematically on Google.
    I could go on forever about this subject….maybe you’ll see me next to you at the google detox someday! 🙂 🙂

    • Hahahahaha Google addicts of the world unite!!!!!! You are my person!!! I gotta google everything (and everyone) too!!!! I wish i could google my house domain to find where my keys are!!!! Google rules! 😀

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