“too much coffee”

Jack is addicted to coffee…

Jack the coffee monster

How many cups of coffee did YOU have today???

104 thoughts on ““too much coffee”

  1. LOL, Jack needs his coffee! Nice 🙂

    I hardly ever drink coffee, Ioanna. It’s herbal tea for me, and a green smoothie in the morning.

    And if I drink coffee (twice a month or so), it is decaffeinated with buckets of milk 😉

  2. This is hilarious. It reminds me of me when I inadvertently had 1 cup too many. I love how light, fun, and positive you always are Ioanna.

  3. Jack is so adorable!! Even one cup of coffee makes me shake-y, though I do adore the flavor. I’ve found my obsession in tea… lots and lots of tea! More coffee for Jack, I suppose 🙂

    • Oh, I am so sorry that you have that reaction – I would be heart broken. However, I recently found this outstanding decaf (I like decaf in the evenings, when it is cool and one cup of tea just isn’t enough – lol). CoffeeAm a website has their own New Orleans blend. It is to die for. New Orleans is a combination of coffee and chicory (a root that has been roasted). Over the years I have tried many different versions of this style of coffee, but it always seemed that the ratio of coffee to chicory was off. Too much chicory. Not the blend from CoffeeAm – OMG. It is so smooth and so wonderful tasting, no acid and just full flavored. Then adding a little sweetened cream? – UGH – it’s like liquid dessert. Darn wish it was tonight already – LOL!


    • I see lots of people drinking tea instead of coffee, but mostly abroad. In Greece we just can’t replace it….. And of course Jack is obsessed with coffee! 😀
      I used to have shaky symptoms from too much coffee some years ago and some friends suggested i should switch my coffee to decaf. So the firsts day, instead of my usual coffee i tried the decaf. I hated it….. I would rather have one strong coffee i enjoy, than more cups that mean nothing…

  4. Hi Ioanna

    I don’t talk until I have had at least 1 cup of coffee :lol:. However, sometimes I have to share. Yes, bug dog is a coffee drinker and there are days when she asks for it (I don’t just volunteer my coffee to anyone – not even her). Over the years I have learned, she does not like it black, she does not like it cold, flavored coffee is fine (lately we have been drinking Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice), but it has to be the same as mine, with enough milk (no flavored cream for her) to make it warm and turn it a lovely chocolate brown color. “sigh” I want to come back in the next life as my dog.


      • Yes, she is something else. I don’t dare tell the vet. The good thing though – they did blood work when the did her surgery – and said she was in extremely good condition, that she had the blood work of a teenager. COFFEE??

        Yes, no coffee, no conversation, no coffee, nothing gets done and I get cranky. Even the dog knows that she doesn’t get fed until I make the coffee 😆


  5. if i didn’t drink my coffee every morning, you will see like a zombie!!!!!!!! i cannot take coffee too often due to my mirgaine! but hell yeah, my boss doesn’t know what “migraine” is…so 1 hot mug of coffee each morning will wake me up!! ahaha… 🙂

  6. I love your artwork! Love coffee too; even though I’ve switched to decaf, I’ve still gotta have my coffee…every morning, and in the evening too 🙂

  7. being Italian, I used to drink lots of espresso coffee…. been living in UK for too long so I’ve gone over to the other side of the fence and it’s few cups of tea every day now (and the occasional cappuccino, if that counts?) 😉

  8. Jack and me are classmates when it comes to coffee. three cups when I’m working, about 1-2 when I’m at home. Just a little pleasure and joy in life. Does Jack like peppermint mocha or eggnog latte flavor? Great for the holiday spirit!

    • You just made my day my friend! Not just cause you are a coffee addict just like Jack and me, but also cause you wrote 2 little words….”holiday spirit”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  9. ..must be about four mugs now (it’s 5 pm our time) including that cappucchino with a spoonful of cocoa 🙂 I do need coffee .. I think just as much as Jack 🙂 great sketch!

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