Is it me???

I am having one (or more) of those days where 
my middle finger is the answer to everything.


Lately i ‘ve been coming across all sorts of lists, to-do and how-to posts.  Today i think i got at the end of my tether.

I found this:

29 ways to stay creative

OMG no.1 is make lists!!!!!!!

Please tell me, IS IT ME, or needing to consult a list in order to be creative is just too much??? No.22 even says “Don’t force it” !!!!


Then i came across a blog post “S.M.A.R.T. Goals; Organizing your goals (1, 5, and 10 year)”. (I am not posting the link because it is a sponsored post. Plus it pissed me of. Google it if you like). Repeating, 1-ONE, 5-FIVE, 10-TEN year goal organization. Quoting “Maintain a strong habit of running your life like a business”. Wow, that’s great! This way we can replace the “bite the dust” phrase with the “went bankrupt”!

Once again, please tell me, IS IT ME??? Am i SERIOUSLY advised to organise my life in detail for the next TEN years in order to gain success and wealth?


How about cutting the to-do lists and start living???



87 thoughts on “Is it me???

  1. “Am i SERIOUSLY advised to organise my life in detail for the next TEN years in order to gain success and wealth?”

    I’m a total NON list person…don’t even make them for grocery shopping because I have faith in my memory!!!

    So many people swear by writing everything down and then crossing off what they’ve accomplished but I find that whole thing wierder than wierd!

    I’ll be interested to read other’s comments about this topic!

    • Reading this kind of lists can be fun and inspiring. But these days there are lists and to-dos about everything! How to be happy list, 15 things to do with your boyfriend, ect. I mean come ooon! If i you don’t know what to do with your boyfriend then you are obviously with the wrong man!!!

  2. It’s NOT you.
    Too much ‘over thinking’ these days, and not enough ‘just do it’.
    Don’t bang your head against the wall – or the Stress Reduction kit. 🙂

    • Just like you said it Gemma, too much over thinking! We end up needing a list in order to be creative…. We need templates and guidelines for everything! What happened to just letting go and putting yourself into things? 😦

  3. The list made me smile. If you consider some sort of list as the way to go then why wouldn’ t you choose something 1 or 2/3 things from it? For a day? Or a week? My eyes stopped at “Be Open” , “Break the rules” and “Don’ t give up”. Tomorrow I might convince me about something else. 🙂

    • The list is not that bad, to be honest. I just freaked out cause these days i have read lists about all sorts of things. At the end it is annoying and strange…. why would anyone need a list to be creative? Creativity on its own has nothing to do with lists and advice on how to be achieved. At the bottom line i may be creative when i am depressed. Should i go and make a depression-creative list? I am so frustrated these days…. i should lay of the lists for some time! 😛

    • hahahaha! I don’t really hate lists… i usually find them quite helpful or even inspiring! But when i make to-do lists for myself i have the same problem with you! I magically loose them! 😛

  4. Probably not the best place to share it but, I’m part of the annoying list makers. I HAVE to jot down ideas or they pack their bags and leave me the same day we meet. Not to mention I can not shop without a list. I keep different lists for different things a la Hermione style. My short term memory is not a star.

    However, I find planning the next 10 years ridiculous beyond words. I very roughly (and by that I mean there’s lots of strikes and arrows in my paper planner) plan my week only because otherwise I surrender to procrastination pretty easily.

    But you know, different things work for different people.

    • I know what you mean! My short term memory sucks too…. I make lists for my shopping and i always keep a little notebook in my purse to write down the ideas that hit me in the bus. (that happens rather often!)
      I am certainly not against list. I am just cautious with lists that have to do with things that define us, like creativity. Each one of us finds inspiration in different places. The fact that we don’t search inside us but in lists is a tiny bit weird.

  5. Yes, although I believe ten years is too long. If you try ten years and you’re too far off the mark by the end of year five, you’ll get too discouraged.

    Here’s how I learned it from my wise old grandmother in 1966 when she was helping this 11-year old set up a typing/editing business for college students:

    Determine where you want to be in five years. If you put some effort into it, it’s really not hard to do. Remember that most college students start off on a four-year lant but over half of them take longer — 5, 6, even 7 years to graduated.

    Once you determine where you want to be in five years, determine how to get there. What steps will you need to take? Break those steps down into annual goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals, and, if necessary (you have children needing to get to school, for example), hourly goals.

    Now go do it! Because your hourly, daily, and weekly goals are pretty easy to accomplish, in five years you should be exactly where you want to be. If you get behind on a day, you can easily roll those missed daily goals into the next day, the next week, the next month……….. If you find yourself missing daily goals on a regular basis, then your planning is off.

    By doing that, you’ll be able to create a microenvironment and a microeconomy that you control. Nothing that happens around you will affect you significantly. I’ve been through the Great Texas Oil Bust of the early 1980s, the recent Great Recession, etc. Nothing has affect me because I work by the day and I know where I want to be in five years.

    • I know people using this planning technique, and these days at work we are occupying with career planing. And it is generally supposed to be a very successful technique.
      I am just not that type o person, i believe that we put too much effort in thinking and planning about the future that we forget about the present. Plus i am in a phase where i reinvent myself. I am now finding out what i want to do. So maybe the fact that i haven’t always known what i wanna be when i grow up has to do with the fact that i dislike this life planning things.

  6. Ha ha, looking for a firm surface right now to place the stress reduction kit 😀 Forget the to-do lists and just be. Words and ideas will come to you on their own and if they don’t, well they don’t! But I guess any idea would’ve frizzled away by the time you’re done with these 29 ways to stay creative 🙂

  7. OK, so I will just say that I am a list maker. But honestly, that works for me otherwise all the to-do’s floating around in my head would drive me to your stress reduction kit. Lists help me focus and ultimately be more creative. That said, #21 is break rules, which means toss this list if it isn’t working for you.

    • I have nothing against lists, i make lists in my everyday life too! Otherwise i would forget half of the things i needed to keep in mind….! 😛 I just don’t like looooong term lists that try to box my life… hahahaha, see, even this specific list applies for me! 😛

      • This reminds me of a line from the song – “One day at a time sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking of You” …so 10 years is unthinkable 🙂

  8. This a common discussion, and a major inter-personal debate. I don’t live my precariously. I can say that I live to the fullest. However, in terms of listing, I am a forgetful that I require to do that for best result.

  9. Hahaha! It looks pretty interesting, Ioanna! But I couldn’t say that, all the above mentioned contents will makes me a PERFECT CREATIVE GUY and few of them aren’t comfortable for me to work in practice though. 😛 😉


  10. Hahahaha..I should have a shopping list for the shop in 10 minutes time…Or else I go bankrupt ;-)…list for 10 years…so which pile of papers did I leave it under….

  11. No, I think it is actually alot of us – You have summed up exactly how my week was also! Miss Z makes lists and is very good at it but only crosses things out way too long after they should have been done in the first place; I hate lists because they give me the feeling I am being told what I should be doing, buying, achieving, etc. that I am not and really don’t need to – besides who has time to do all those things anyway and is there really a need to keep score of what has been checked off that nasty list? I usually only make lists when it is something that someone else in the house needs and I don’t want to suffer the repercussions of forgetting about it. Because it is not “mine” it may disappear in the chaos of my own mental “running list” and why aren’t they getting it themselves in the first place?
    As far as “planning” where I want to be in 5 years let alone tomorrow, every time I make a “plan” or a list with that specific purpose in mind the divine cosmos throws a curveball and presents another exciting option so we pretty much play it by ear…
    Aaaack, in a creative world there is only today – do what you need and want to for the best results – everything else will find its way into place…

    • Love this “in a creative world there is only today”! I think it sums it up as far as creativity is concerned. I am like you more or less. I have tried making lists of the things i SHOULD do, i pushed my self and at the end gave them up…. But i have found out that if i let my self free, i eventually find my balance and end up doing the things that are good for me kinda automatically! No lists no nothing! 🙂 Lists make me anxious when it comes to life planing…. I end up sabotaging my self! 😛

  12. Hahahaha you had me in stitches with this post! So I need to read a page of the dictionary to get creative hmmm… I’m all for personal development but when it comes to creativity it has to be off the cuff.
    I am worried about doing another top ten list now though… don’t tear me down haha 🙂

    • hahaha! Ok, maybe i seem to be too harsh on lists, but thats not true….. lists show other people’s perspective on things and maybe inspiring but come oooooooooon, a list about how to be creative???? Creativity may hit me when i am depressed, “Get depressed” is not on the list!!!

  13. You should make a list and draw the outline of your middle finger on it 😉 … as well as post it to everyone who is advising to make lists!

    “Running your life like a business”, yeah I really hate those annoying closing times, when I actually have to leave work and go home…and free weekends without business! Ugh, I despise those the most!
    ^^ What a ship load of crabs … so, no, I wouldn’t say it’s you 😉

  14. okay, il do number 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21 27 (Clean my work station???err…yes i will..later! hahahhaa)…. 29 (yes i must!!!!!!!!! finish something)….i always started no 1 but have issue with number 29…how ionna??hahahaha….bang head where again??…:p

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