Avatar – Could this be real?

avatar movie posterI assume most of you have seen James Cameron 3D movie “Avatar”. A smaller part of you may not have seen the movie but the blue man has caught your eye at some point. An even smaller part doesn’t have a clue what i am talking about.

With a few words, “Avatar” is the “Pocahontas” of the future, taking place in the outer space. A human is chosen to “load” himself in an avatar (a blue guy’s body) in order to survive in an alien planet, blend in with the locals and get certain information. There he falls in love with a blue girl, overcomes chaos, wins the battle and lives happily ever after with his beloved one.

The same old story.

Where i want you to focus on is the beginning of the story: A human is chosen to “load” himself in an avatar. The actual meaning of the avatar is a person’s digital image. In plain words, the little image that shows up next to our comments. In the movie, the human lies on a high-tech bed, he gets wired to a blue guy and -puf- the blue guy’s body “carries” the human’s essence (mind, heart, personality,the whole deal).

Today i came across this site http://2045.com/

Just read this part:

Could this be true? Is really a Russian political party trying to build humanoid avatars to carry human brain and personality? And if they were, would they upload a public site of the project and ask people to follow them on Facebook? I guess no…???


Plus Dalai lama’s photo looks weird (he looks a bit drunk)…. would he really approve of such a thing?



I talked about this with a fellow engineer in the academic field, and, apart from the -true or scam- of this project, he says that by 2020 (which is in 7 years from now, more or less) we will be able to upload our memories on the computer!


=> I don’t want to have all my memories in a hard drive! I remember what i remember, end of story. 

=> And i certainly don’t want to live for ever (me or my brain) in a humanoid avatar! Unless my avatar looks like Gemma Ward, then i would give it a second thought! 😛

Maybe this is a prank or another conspiracy theory, like aliens having visited earth. Of course the US government reassured us that aliens have never set foot on this planet. Just as they stated mermaids don’t exist. (pity….) I guess we will all find out in a few years…


If you really had the chance,
would you upload your memories in your computer?

47 thoughts on “Avatar – Could this be real?

  1. I don’t know about avatar projects, but I love that a girl named Gemma played in ‘Pirates’ and was a mermaid, of all things, and is so dang pretty! Just sayin’…:-)

  2. Very interesting indeed but we will be able to upload our memories on the computer? With probes? And I suppose those who believe in reincarnation will then be able to also remember who they were in a previous life
    No I don’t want to live forever, no ways.

  3. As I am blessed with a very forgetful nature, I would like to store my thoughts somewhere but only if I have total control over them keep or delete whatever I like. Joking, the very thought is very weird. Very nice post.

  4. I am not sure if this is going to happen. But I do not think, it’s impossible; nowadays technologies and science are growing at such a rapid speed that, we can never realize what is going to come in our way next.
    But yes, just like you I do not think it will be intelligent of us humans, to load our memory somewhere else other than our body. When science tries to play with the nature and its trends; then we humans always end up standing at the wrong side.

    • Imagine years ago someone saying to those people that in the “future” there would be a world wide web connecting everyone and sharing information via…. air! It would sound pretty impossible…. Todays technology is amazing (look at CERN!), it doesn’t seem that big of a deal to us cause we are used to it.
      I totaly agree with you, people always take the wrong side when it comes to technology versus nature….

  5. I think we already upload our memories – I often blog about things in my past and I’m not alone in that! – but, they are censored memories. I assume that the ‘uploaded’ memories in this avatar scenario would be the bad as well as the good – not sure I’d like that. But then, who we are is a combination of the good and bad experiences that we have built up over a lifetime.

    • True, we do upload our memories! We blog about them! The way we have them in our head, or better put, the way our head allows us to view them. I don’t want to have every single picture or video of what has happened in my life. Good or bad. I want to think of something and smile, or learn from a bad time.

  6. I saw the movie when it came out even thought there was a lot of criticism on the underlying meaning of it all… It is not a happy movie but a painful reminder of what can happen when greed dominates everything else…

  7. Everything I called Science Fiction is slowly beginning to unfold and upturn as something possible. (Laser, Communicators, Warp Drive, Cyberware etc.)

    What to think about it is a bit a tight-rope-walk …

  8. I won’t go for it, since that would be definitely a senseless act from me! Even within this well equipped technology oriented century, world is facing severe memory losses and related health issues which will misleads to the origin of a society, where I couldn’t remember my name at least. The human brain is something which can be comparable with UNCOUNTABLE GB’s of space in a drive, where we could store what all the required conditional infos we need. That’s better rather than using these artificial hard discs you know? 😀 🙂


  9. hmmm, it could be true, it could be a prank. The sure thing from my point of view is that we, human beings, definitely don’t need such “development”. I particularly wouldn’t agree to transfer my memories 🙂

  10. nope, my memories are precious and they stay put.
    what did you say? ooops I’ve forgotten already, what a bad memory I have 🙂

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