I got another award.

Even better, I got the super sweet blogging award. You didn’t get it right? The “i” is capital, doesn’t it show? What’s wrong with you WordPress??? Fine, I got the super sweet blogging award! Now i guess we all get it…

Ok, i am not making myself clear…. It is really an honor getting another award, and that is because i see new faces in my blog once and a while, and getting an “i like you” sign makes me smile! (and boosts my self-esteem :P)

The weird thing is a certain word in this award. I am many things but i have never considered myself sweet. Nope, not a chance. Sure, i am a lovely cow, i can’t deny that, but i ‘ve always considered myself something like an angry dog, and i have indications that some people have the same opinion about me!

Sure, i am the smiling kind of person, i celebrate stupid things like the first day of the summer, i am not grouchy in the morning (after i have my coffee), i don’t like conflicts and yelling, and i am generally easy-going (when i am not tempered at least).

But sweet? SWEET????

For starters i don’t like the sound of it. When other women call me “Sweety” it sounds quite derogatory, and it just makes me sooooo angry… Plus i hate pink. Isn’t PINK the sweetest color??? I am not fond of Tweety either! Is there really much more to say???

=> This is not an attack to the award itself  or the friend-blogger who awarded me!

For Christ’s sake no! I love other people saying nice things to me! 🙂 And an award is a very nice thing to say! So thank you http://simplycaptured9.wordpress.com/, i am gonna ignore my sweet allergy thing and be a sweet blogger for a while (i give me, hmmmmmmm, 2 minutes)!

Being super sweet, i am gonna answer the questions…

1.       Cookies or Cake?

I am a cookie monster, so there is essentially no question. neeeext!

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate please. I like the way it looks on my white t-shirts 

 3. What is your favorite sweet treat?

I don’t think i have a favorite one….i eat them all, i know it’s shocking! (you see, easy-going!)

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

Honestly? When i have hydraulic issues… And i don’t mean my kitchen sink!!!!

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Oh please, not a sweet nickname!!!!!! My friends call me Jo.


I know that wasn’t very sweet about me, but i just don’t have it, nothing sweet about me.

Now i am supposed to nominate 12 other fellow bloggers for this sweet award! I would loooove to get some of you in my position! Muahaha! (evil laugh)

I know though, that these awards and their rules are a bit pain in the ass for some, so i ‘ll just have to make a clarification, these nominations are RULE FREE! It’s just a way to spread that sweetness around! Come on, when will i ever get the chance to spread any kind of sweetness??? Only if i shared candies…. Plus this is just a way to say “I like you” or “I am like you” or “i remember your URL by heart” or just a ” 🙂 “. Of course if you like you can play along with the rules!

So sit back and relax.

I thought i would try and be fair, try to actually mention the SWEET bloggers i follow. That’s a tough one though… So i decided not to push myself over this and just give the award to the people i mostly read! Thant’s easy! 🙂

  1. yablogtherapy.wordpress.com, cause after all, she is a Young Adult!
  2. arindammohapatra.wordpress.comfor his new book, for good luck
  3. bopaula.wordpress.comPaula, the “URL by heart” situation
  4. zenandgenki.comcause i get to read the whole post easily
  5. picturebandit.wordpress.com, for inspiration!
  6. jobryantnz.wordpress.comfor your Chronicles of Illusions Jo!
  7. justfletcher.wordpress.com, for the 4 dogs, the rabbit, the garden birds and the civet
  8. shaanthz.wordpress.comfor the “Healthcare Updates” (and Georgie)
  9. thismansjourney.netwhat else, for his journey!
  10. nprimopiano.wordpress.com, for the lovely, simple shots
  11. thepurpledogpaintingblog.comfor the first comment in my blog ever, and her dog, Sampson
  12. nonfashionista.wordpress.com, for a new friend!

I haven’t finished writing this post when i got another message: “I nominated you for an award. Come by and pick it up whenever you like… 🙂 http://lavieeclectique.com/2012/08/22/awards-awards-awards/

“I got another?” i thought to myself….. Come on, make a wild guess! YES ANOTHER SWEET AWARD!!!! Oh, wait, A SUPER SWEET blogging award….!

Come on people, i can’t be that sweet, it’s not true! Double nomination, double sweetness, i think i have to do something very bad today, like eat all the cookies of the cookie jar…. (sorry mom-in advanced)

Now, now, apart from all my grunting, i am so flattered to get an award (another award!), i can’t lie, so thank you so much http://lavieeclectique.com/!!! And, to be honest, i am even more flattered you think i am sweet…. So here is, to both of my friends, a bigger

thank you!

I should be brave and come out of the closet, admit it, look myself in the eye and say it. Fine, i guess i am kinda sweet…


This is supposed to be a funny post (i am always just kidding), 
i don't mean to offend my friend-bloggers who nominated me!:)

50 thoughts on “Sweet….no?

  1. Oh Thank you. You really are a sweet person. I am honoured that you follow me and the zoo. it is now spring here and suddenly the birds are very noisy and active.
    Btw in Cape Town there is my daughter’s 3 legged cat too.

  2. Thanks for the mention. And as I see it all sweetie jokes have already been made.

    Maybe interesting to know that we actually (within the family) often say we are sweet, because we like all the sweet-stuff 😉

  3. Thanks Ionna from Georgie and me. We are honored to be one of your nominees, and that this is Rule Free! You are sweet indeed – Georgie thinks so too. He is out in the yard chasing squirrels right now – I’ll let him know.

  4. How did you know my weakness? I love sweets and nothing more sweeter than an award that brightens my day. Congratulations for being an inspiration for others . I’m grateful my friend. Best wishes.

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