The “huh?” experience

Today i had another “huh?” experience. 

What do you mean what’s a “huh?” experience??? You know, when you catch yourself doing or thinking things that the conscious you wouldn’t. And i am not referring to the things done or said after you had a little bit more to drink…

Today i met a very interesting person at work. He came at the university (yeah, i work in a university…) in order to give a speech to the students in a seminar. My first impression of him was surprisingly good. I saw a young man smiling, not just politely, but honestly, with messy hair -in a away-, wearing a suit, a blue tie and a pair of colorful snickers! He shook my hand in a confident and friendly way and called me with my small name. Moreover his speech and presentation was interesting, full, detailed but not tiring. He engaged with students asking them questions about almost anything, making jokes. Everyone loved him.

When the seminar ended and everything that needed to be done was through, guess what, i googled him.

But that’s not the “huh?” experience, i always google people. After i read his resume, found out about his hobbies -here it comes- i caught myself looking for his zodiac sign…… I didn’t have time to actually find it cause i realized what i was doing and felt like i gave myself a slap at the back of my head….

I don’t know what you think about the zodiac cycle, but now we are talking about me! 😛

The truth is that i tend to ask people i meet their zodiac signs and usually the phrase that comes after that question  is “not that i really believe in zodiac signs…” And the truth is that the only information i get of that question is not the other person’s characteristics according to astrology. I just get to thinking if i know any other Sagittarius -for example. (I don’t by the way!)


Does my zodiac sign ACTUALLY reflects who i am???


=> I am not looking for a scientific answer here about atoms being pulled close due to magnetic fields and water and gravity and apples falling from trees. (i would search google scholar for that)

=> Nor am i looking for an astrological answer about how our rising sign characterises us after our 30s and our exact time of birth and where was Mars when we lost our first tooth.

In a nutshell, i didn’t wanna read scientific articles. So (inevitably) i started googling again… You know, silly staff, what zodiacs say after sex, what is their favourite food, what pisses them off….. and how to attract each one of them. And here comes trouble.

I went straight to Taurus. That’s me. (no comments please, i ‘ve read a dozen of irritating stuff about bulls, it’s nerve-racking…) 4 bullets. In a few words:

    • A taurus hates moving, stability above all (The article said: “I am living in this house for the last 15 years, i hate moving”).
    • Good food lover (“My one grandmother is from Turkey and the other from Crete so i cook since i was a little girl”)
    • Touch a taurus in the back of his head, it’s his melting point.
    • Taurus is all about his belongings, consequently he respects money a little more….
    • He is loyal.

I am ashamed to say all 5 of them were so true…. How can this silly article hit bull’s-eye? (literally!) Is the moon and all the other planets influencing me that much? My mom and dad didn’t contribute at all to who i am? Ok, now i think this post is begging to scare me….!!!


The scholar in me (he is well berried most of the time) makes me wonder if there has been any scientific research on the matter. Come to think of it, for my wondering spirit’s disappointment, all these thoughts i am having must be due to tonight’s full moon… Or maybe Mercury is retrograde again… (i ‘ll google that later)

I guess i ‘ll stop troubling my head and go have a snack (as a real Taurus). I hope you belong to the proud group that says “Aries may be unfaithful, but i am not!” Go on and prove the universe wrong! It gives a strange satisfaction and power.

I still try hard to let go of my precious belongings (yes, the Gollum in the Lord of the Rings must have been a Taurus) and make moving easier, but i always end up crying in an empty house and kiss the walls goodbye (hm, and actually moving in the apartment next door to my old one…).

Pathetic…. i know!


What irritates you most about your zodiac sign?

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65 thoughts on “The “huh?” experience

  1. Hubby is a Taurean and fits the profile almost perfectly, except that he doesn’t mind moving occasionally. 😉 I’m a Leo….. hear me ROAR! We get along like a house on fire. 😉
    PS: I also don’t believe in star signs. 😆

  2. I’m a Scorpio and I’m way too sensitive at times. But I’ve managed to get it a bit under control, except for the fact that I weep easily 😀 that’s very annoying 😀

  3. Perfectionism is a trait of my sign. As you can see, to be perfect is not always possible (we are all human) so this trait and the expectations to meet this goal can be a little bit of an issue. Nice post!

  4. Interesting read! I fall square between Capricorn or Aquarius and traits from both fit me nicely.

    In Japan everyone asks what your blood type is, it’s similar to astrology things, each blood type has personality traits, likes, dislikes, moods … You should google it, and ask people. Definitely not something Western people think about.

    • Blood type???? That’s a bit creepy…i ‘d better not google it cause if i fing it interesting then i ‘ll probably start asking people their blood type and -trust me- they are gonna star avoiding me!!!!

      • At first it was creepy, but I’ve gotten used to it. Althought I am not 100% sure what my blood type is, nor could my mother remember, but my Japanese friends like to guess and ask me questions … Consensus says I’m AB, and it’s not good lol

  5. Ever since I, accidently, came across Linda Goodman’s SUN SIGNS, I have been a firm believer in “Zodiac Signs” even though I am a 100% believe in science. There is definitely something to say about the sign a person is born under – I can’t give you a “scientific answer”, I just know that it *works*.

  6. There is scientific research into astrology, mostly in psychology. Studies like the one where they gave a room full of students their personalised astrology reading and got them to rate it on accuracy; the average rating was something like 7-8 “accurate to highly accurate”. They then got each student to hand their reading to the person behind them… all of the readings were exactly the same. People (and I include myself and literally everyone) are suggestible.

    The only studies where astrology appeared to really work was where they used people who believed in astrology; give those people a standard psych personality test, and an astrology reading, and they matched. Do the same with people who don’t follow their star signs at all, and there’s no match. People are self-fulfilling prophecies.

    I find these facts powerful. I personally prefer believing that we have control over our lives and our personality and our destiny. Obviously I can’t control if I get cancer and I’ve tried damned hard to make myself like fish or talk louder but neither is really happening any time soon. But if I really really want to change something, I need to believe that I can do it no matter what astrology or anyone else says. I just think life’s much more fun when you can grab it both hands and make the best of what you’ve been dealt.

    I’m not trying to have a go at you or anyone who believes in astrology, it does look compelling on the surface and I used to believe in it more, but you asked the question, and these days that’s my answer!

    • I agree with you in so many levels. Firstly we see what we want to. If our mind is stuck at something then our body and mood follows. So i can easily understand why astrology works to people who believe in it.
      And of course i agree on your thoughts about having control over yourself, i couldn’t have put it better!
      Your answer doesn’t feel hostile at all, on the contrary! 🙂 I am not a zodiac cycle believer either, i just find it hard to believe and explain how sometimes i actually find similarities between me and the bull inside me!

  7. I have to say, nothing about my “sign” irritates me. Or has any other affect on me, that I’m aware of. I know what mine is and that’s about it, I’ve never really cared to know any more. 🙂

    • hahaha! Count to 10 backwards! I hate it when people tell me that. I have never gotten to number 1. I always start “Ugh…10, 9, 8, …. stupid stuff!!!” Doesn’t work for me so i totally get you…..

  8. First of all … I am not sucking up, but I find Taurus the most easy-going in the whole zodiac. They are so tolerant of me which is an enormous bonus (hubby is a Taurus, my best friend is a Taurus – do I need to elaborate more?). Now, to my sign – it has so many divine qualities, and it is probably a deity in western astrology ;), the thinker, the one of progress, the ultimate intelligence ;), but I hate its addictive and whimsical nature .. that is me – Aquarius…
    P.S. you made me laugh with your story… there is nothing wrong in checking people out and especially their zodiac sign (it can actually tell you more than you want to know 😉 ) and I did it too, so many times.

    • Thank you for your nice words, all the people who belong to the Taurus sign thank you! The truth is we are really patient, almost too much…
      I don’t know many Aquarius people, but i already see two here! All i know about you people is that you are a bit crazy, in a good sence of course! 😀

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  10. Hey Ioanna… I know this is strange, but I wanted to share something with you.. when I had to chose a gynecoligist to operate on me some three years ago, I opted for a Taurus and he was top knoch surgeon ;). How about that?!

  11. Hey, I’m Virgo and that ‘attention to detail’ thing irritates me indeed. I mean because it is damn true while I don’t want to believe.

  12. Oy, I waited years after I was married only to find out that my Gemini husband’s astrological chart was very miss-aligned with my Libran chart!!! I knew something was up! LOL keep your eyes open to the stars 😉

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      • 🙂 I’m finally getting my ducks in a row and after have a blog site (which I am embarrassed to say a friend set up for me for the book cause I’m a tech dummy) I figured out how to use my Reader and have now got your so it comes to my e-mail. I’ve seen you at mine and I’m grateful for it. Wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m a one way ticket. All this, you understand, cause I’m a sag, lol. Big cyber hug.

          • If you knew how long it took me to figure out how to connect up with the Reader … no joke, tech stuff drives me nuts and raises my anxiety, lol. I tried to do the widgets and ended up with a friend sending me a video tutorial and still can’t do it. It’s embarrassing cause I don’t know how to post things on the side of my home page… I must have been a computer destroyer in a past life because I swear tech stuff sees me coming and instantly breaks down or resists my efforts. Thanks for letting me rant. Hope I’m still welcome here. Can I borrow that flower? lol

  14. I’m a Virgo. One of our traits is perfectionism. That used to describe me, but now I’m pretty laid back and “good enough” is good enough for me. So I guess what I hate now is the expectation that I’m a perfectionist. Sadly, I’m not, so will probably disappoint a lot of people who look for that in a Virgo.

    • Well, perfectionism is what came to my mind as i was reading the “I’m a virgo” beginning of your comment! 🙂 Perfectionism is unreal and a major struggle! So good for you for getting rid of it! 😉

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