Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

My weekly photo challenge sadly doesn’t contain any long exposure photos . Specifically, it doesn’t contain any photos taken by me at all. Just images here, thanks to google. So no dreamy photos of a hidden paradise,  blue skies or endless seas.

Just cartoons. 

Remember Fantasia? In 1940  Walt Disney released this animated film filled with segments of classical music. In 1999 the sequel “Fantasia 2000” came to life.

The essence of these films is based upon dreaming.

Who would have thought about hippos dancing ballet with crocodiles? Or flamingos playing with a yo-yo (hilarious video!), whales swimming in the sky and dancing mushrooms?


All these images combined with famous pieces of classical music have the power to set your mind free regardless of you being 3, 33, or 83 years old.




Here is something to dream about. My favorite part of Fantasia 2000, an ode to nature’s rebirth… amazing.


Mickey Mouse with Leopold Stokowski

Mickey Mouse with Leopold Stokowski

Thank you Disney.


=> rePin: http://goo.gl/ezLQ4 well said Niki! 

=> rePin: http://goo.gl/5bzYZ sweat dreams! 🙂

=> rePin: http://goo.gl/CACWo by Lillyloompa 


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