Weekly Photo Challenge: my Fleeting Moment

Indeed a fleeting moment in so many ways…

  • I am 25 years older and so is my dad
  • I don’t fit in that orange dress
  • Dad couldn’t possibly carry me in his arms like that because of his poor back and my less than poor weight (:P)
  • The trees in my home town are much taller
  • We don’t have that car showing in the back anymore
me and dad

me and dad

Come to think of it though, that moment will never be fleeting…
  • I still visit my hometown every summer
  • I wear orange dresses now and then
  • Dad still has his mustache
and on top of all, i ‘ll always have a huge hug for him till i live to be 200 years old!
==> So the bottom line would be that i shouldn’t have
posted this picture in this weeks photo challenge…! 😛
pIn backS…..
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67 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: my Fleeting Moment

  1. this is such a touching photo…..and it IS perfect for the challenge. it shows a moment can be fleeting in a relationship that’s not!

    Be grateful for every second you have with your father. Mine passed in 2006 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of something wise/wonderful he taught me more by example than with words. He was an old school Italian guy (and lifelong cop!) tougher than nails and rigid, but man, could I depend on him in a moment’s notice, even when he disapproved of my lifestyle or choices.

    Great post!

    • Thank you so much! I am sorry for your loss, i know parents are irreplaceable, without that having to mean that they are perfect.
      I believe in showing people your love. I don’t want to feel that i “should have been more – anything” when i had the chance…

  2. Ditto what SmallHouseBigGarden said! Mine passed last October, and was also a cop. Her description was right on–I think police have some sort of weird mold 🙂
    Great picture! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is one beautiful and loving moment with your dad that will always be remembered in you heart. The image is a priceless, wonderful memory that you and your dad will always treasure. Thanks for sharing with us you wonderful world. Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. Your dad looks a bit like mine. May be, that’s the mustache. I remember once when I was very little my dad shaved his mustache. When I saw him, I could not recognise him and burts into tears. He never shaved his mustache again 🙂

    • Hahahaha really, they look alike? The truth is i can’t even imagine my dad without his mustache!!! It would be so weird…. i am sure i would have the same reaction as you did when you were little!

  5. That is a lovely moment captured by the camera and your heart. In some ways it’s a fleeting moment – as all moments are – but at the same those memorable moments will always stay with us and thus never vanish. This is such a poetic and beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ιωάννα, Καλημέρα! Είναι υπέροχη η φωτογραφία με το μπαμπ ά σου και ό τρόπος που το έχεις παρουσιάσει. Μάλλον όλες οι Ελληνίδες έχουμε ένα θέμα με τους μπαπάδες μας και το μουστάκι τους (και λόγω αυτού, με το μουστάκι γενικότερα 😉 ). It’s a gorgeous caption and way of presenting facts. Keep walking my dear… Keep walking!

    • Είσαι Ελληνίδα! Πόσο χαίρομαι να βλέπω Έλληννικά στο μπλογκ μου! 😀 Θα ακουστεί λίγο χαζό, αλλά νιώθω λες και ζω στο εξωτερικο και ξαφνικά ακούω κάποιον να μιλάει Ελληνικά….! (Στην Κρήτη μένω…….. 😛 ) Όντως το πιστεύω ότι έχουμε τα κορίτσια μεγάλο θέμα με τους μπαμπάδες μας!!!!! Και με τα μουστάκια τους φυσικά! 😛 Thanks for your kind Greek words my friend! 🙂

      • Δεν μου φάνηκε και πολύ ευγενικό να γράψω μόνο στα Ελληνικά, γι’ αυτό και πρόσθεσα και το αγγλικό σχόλιο μετά (μην είμαστε και αγενείς). Πραγματικά κι εγώ έτσι νιώθω. Είσαι η μόνη Ελληνίδα που έχω βρει (εδω κι ένα μήνα που άρχισα το blog) και δυσκολεύομαι να βρω κι άλλους.
        Οι μπαμπάδες με τα μουστάκια είναι μεγάλο κεφάλαιο φυσικά! Μέχρι και blog μπορούμε να κάνουμε αφιερωμένο στο θέμα!!!!
        Χάρηκα πολύ που τα είπαμε και στα Ελληνικά!
        Talk to you soon, dear!!! 😉 😉 😉

        • Έτσι είναι, και εγώ έχω συναντήσει περίπου 5 Έλληνες μπλόγκερς…. μεγάλη συγκίνηση!!!
          Χαχαχαχα, το θέμα με τα μουστάκια είναι μια πολύ καλή ιδέα!!! 😀

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