Weekly Photo Challenge: My Summer

My summer can only mean two things. Or just one, cause both can easily be combined:             my home beach + watermelon !

Never  underestimate the power of this fruit.

Now let me show you how a beach should look like…….

Xerokampos, Xerokambos, sea, beach, Crete

I know the picture is quite old, but the closest thing i have for summer at this point is a dream i keep having. You see my summer vacation is not till August…

Recently i find myself daydreaming (usually when i ‘m at work…) of lying on my favourite beach, with my face into the warm sand (i hope you get the picture). I know it sounds like slow death from suffocation, but i really enjoy it (in my dream of course…!).  I can feel the sand on my fingers, the sea tickles my toes as the waves move back and forth, i can taste the salt and smell the sea trees.

The dream often ends in a brutal way… My boss screaming my name in the middle of a panic attack… Come to think of it, my boss’s panic attacks appear as often as my day dreams! Sounds like we both need some summer holiday… now!!!

(P.S. Any resemblance to persons, names or situations is random and has nothing to do with reality.)

Absolutely crazy about my home town, as a kid i used to visit summer from May to September. Untouched (almost) from urban civilization, Xerokambos always offers me the best way to charge my batteries…

Xerokampos, Xerokambos, sea, beach, Crete

Xerokampos, Crete, Xerokambos, sea, beach

Xerokampos, Crete, Xerokambos, sea, beach

This is not just summer to me, this is home.

Xerokampos, Crete, Xerokambos, relax


53 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Summer

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  2. 😀 I was planning on having some rest this weekend, but with your advertising, putting my face up there and singling out three of my posts here will give me a few sleepless nights while I will be checking on my visitors 😀 😀 😀

  3. I share you dream and passion for being close to the sea. Summer is about being at the beach and making amazing memories. And with a cold, refreshing watermelon…even better. Beautiful images that remind me of home. Thanks.

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